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With our combined love and expertise for shoe-making, we have created Passus to be a reflection of what makes us passionate about gentlemen footwear.
Our founder and co-owner Rezső Kuti, has been both an expert and a fan of shoemaking for over a decade. Anything from production to logistics and sales fall on his table, as long it’s about creating unique, luxurious footwear, he’s involved in the whole process.

What others say about us

This Young Shoe Brand Makes Stylish Footwear With Age-Old Eastern European Methods The nascent Hungarian brand draws on old-world techniques for footwear that can compete with Italy and England's finest.

Alexander Freeling from Robb Report

From the heart of Europe comes this small emerging shoemaker: Passus, tradition and luxury united to serve the needs of the 21st-century gentleman. Stunning pieces created strictly by hand.

GQ Magazine

One of the top brands offering amazing value for quality out there.
The most refined Austro-Hungarian shoe I've ever seen

Justin from The Shoe Snob Blog

Kostas Mandilaris from Misiu Academy